11 January 2010

The Wait Is Killing Me

I need to ride.

Riding is my heroin and I need it, bad, right now. I need to ride because my receptors need a deluge of dopamine to quell the shakes I get thinking about riding, and when I can't roll because it's winter and the roads are icy and it's near zero.

A blog friend, Trooper York, posted a thread on his blog asking where I'm going this summer. Hell, I don't know, yet. I posted back "Good trips are the smiling offspring of giddy impulsiveness...."

I'll know when I know, and go when I go.

Last night I listened to a band called Gin Blossoms. I wanted a diversion from the riding jones and didn't get one.

Turns out that their first hit included twelve-string guitar work and close harmony imitative of Roger McGuinn's brilliant playing and singing with a band called The Byrds, back in the day.

Bob Dylan wrote and The Byrds sang Ballad of Easy Rider.

Now that I've gone into a riding-deprived funk I may as well listen to another clip from Easy Rider, this one sung by Levon Helm.

Take a load off, Manny.

Spring can't come soon enough. I need to ride.


  1. That's why I snowmobile. We see beautiful scenery and take care of my adrenaline fix all at the same time.

  2. How about a poll where we vote on suggested motor bike trips? That way, you could also give us a short description what you'd most likely run across. Best of all (from your perspective) you could give us all the finger and not go on the most popular choice.

  3. My annual HOG membership kit showed up in the mail today. It's still sitting on the counter, envelope unopened. It comes with an atlas of North and South America. The atlas scares me a little, because I know what will happen when I open it. I'll lose the next week to absolute riders fantasy, which will ultimately culminate in a scotch-fueled 3am rant about not being able to juxtapose the map and terrain feature on Google maps and goddamn it if the terrain looks so inviting a man should be able to get there on two wheels. Well, screw their roads. Honey, I'm buying an enduro. On ebay. Right now!!

    Maybe I'll go open that atlas after all...

  4. A couple other things to consider:
    1. If you're doing the Superior loop (as suggested on York's blog - and did Telly ever NOT look old and creepy?), take the ferry across and skip Chicago. For a man who loves open road, that place is the ninth ring of hell.
    2. http://www.levonhelm.com/midnight_ramble.htm. Yup, it sure does say Levon's playing Floyd in July. You've been to Floyd, and I have the dopy picture to prove it. A Levon show, 17 short miles from the Mabry Mill. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.


  5. Levon Helm in Floyd, VA in July? Dang.

    That sounds like a reason to re-ride the Blue Ridge Parkway, at least in part, and maybe throw in the Cherohala Highway and Deal's Gap for good measure.

    And a fast run to Memphis for ribs. And Graceland.

    Ow. I think I just felt the jab of the needle hitting an artery. Again.

    The part that looks iffy is whether Levon Helm can sing. His website indicates that he's lost his voice and it is unknown when and whether he'll get it back. Stay tuned.

    Having an enabler nearby is an important part of motorcycle riding. Matt, can we somehow blame Franco for this?

  6. Donn, sooner or later you're going to clean the gunk off of that old Ultra-Glide that's been buried in the corner of your garage for the last few years and resume road tripping.

    You've remodeled the whole doggone house, added to the garage and poured a patio. It's time for you to put the hammer and saws away for a summer and go riding.

    Maybe I can put together a series of day trips that start from the northern outpost and cloverleaf in a different direction each day for a five days or so. Gas and food; beer at the end of the day, no motel costs.

    Who's in?

  7. I'm in. Hell, I'll even give you a motto:
    "Put the hammer down. And drop the hammer."

  8. Did you say BEER? Well if you're going to twist my arm I guess I'd be a fool to resist.


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