06 January 2010

A Mid-Winter Fantasy

It has been cold here of late. Not merely chilly, but cold; life threatening cold. Local temperatures have touched -10 at home and -20 a bit north at the cabin. Not unusually cold for the time of the year in these parts. What is unusual is that the cold has lingered for two weeks and looks to linger a bit longer.

On top of that, local weather forecasters (the tarot card readers of the science world) have issued a winter storm warning for tomorrow. High accumulations of powdery snow combined with blowing winds; perfect for planting a huge drift in my driveway.

My idle thoughts are of summer (just as they are of winter during summer). Lawn mowing, leafy trees, Bluegrass festivals; some of what makes summer...summer. Lawnmowers fly in my daydream, and an unseen group plays Cotton-eyed Joe.

How badly do you miss summer?


  1. I'm still cutting my grass out here, but only about every other week instead of every week. We have what's called winter rye grass that only comes in in the winter- it's not very heat tolerant. and dies out in the summer.
    Believe it or not, we also have frost out here some mornings. Desert-like temperature swings are the norm too: 30 F to 70 F in 6 hrs. As crappy as the economy is out here, the one thing people never complain about is coastal CA weather.

  2. I still have impatients and marigolds blooming on my front porch. My cold weather advice: move somewhere warmer.

  3. Jason, if I moved somewhere warmer I'd complain about the heat all summer. It's human nature to complain.

  4. I really miss the summer. Mostly because the tax season would be over instead of just begining. I was hoping to be out of the accounting game but it looks like another year. Crap.


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