17 November 2009

How Trooper York Samples Beer

You all know my buddy Trooper York, don't you? No? Well, maybe you should.

His blog is always good reading; here's a link. You'll enjoy it,trust me, even though it can be a bit of an acquired taste at times, just like good booze.

Trooper York is his nom de blog. His real name is Buffy Kangaroo, or some Irish sounding name like that.

Trooper's a busy, busy man. He and his wife are proprietors of an increasingly hip women's plus-size dress shop in Brooklyn, their store provides background for Project Runway, and they design and manufacture several lines of clothing.

Here's the best part: He's an accountant who specializes in cooking the books for dive bars and Chinese restaurants in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

A recurring feature on his blog is a theme called Remembrance of Days Pabst, in which he describes alcohol-saturated client meetings, back in the days before the nannies scornfully pointed their gnarled, withered fingers at eight-beer lunches.

I've often wondered exactly how Trooper did his beer research. His descriptions of the places, times and libations are so exact, so spot-on, so perfect, that they have to be true.

In a moment of blog-jealousy, I hired Robert Marlowe to investigate. The super-secret video below was made by Marlowe, then smuggled out of Germany. The entire operation was highly covert; it was done under the guise of filming a movie called The Big Sleep.

The secret video is below. It shows Trooper York's beer tasting technique, the one that brings such a sense of real-life drinking to his blog stories.

Here's a bent elbow for you, Trooper.

EDIT: Hat tip to Chickenlittle and Amba 12 for links to video.


  1. Hey! I thought this showed your pee-in-cup-expertise?

    Who tipped you to that video link yesterday?!

    *flounces off*

  2. Hey, who has been following me around with a video camera?

  3. Believe it not, but there has been some talk about a reality show based on the store. Serious talk at that. From serious people.They call it a "Docu-soap" which I don't know what the hell that means but it sounds crazy.

    That is gonna be scarey.

  4. Thanks for the post.

    I am glad you are feeling better.

    Oh and one other thing.

  5. A reality show based on the store? That would be off the cool-o-meter scale. Plus, just think of the year-long supply of 'that guy's a douche bag' stories you'd get for the blog.

    I'd push a broom in the background just to watch the sausage getting made.

  6. Hey you can be on it if it happens. It will be about people shopping but a lot of behind the scenes stuff. You know the girls shopping in the front of the store and a pyscho posting pictures of Julie Newmar and chickens in the back office.

    Think of the potential.

  7. But be warned!

    You will have to show your scar just like Lyndon Johnson.

    And if Jeremy shows up he has to show his face just like Charla Nash.

  8. I'm in! I'll be the guy with a slingblade working in the shipping department.

    You want scars?? YOU want scars!!?? YOU can't handle the scars!

  9. You know the girls shopping in the front of the store and a pyscho posting pictures of Julie Newmar and chickens in the back office.

    You'd need to adopt eight children, like octo-mom, and have them make clothes on short notice with no sleep, like Project Runway. I'd watch that.

  10. Holy responding to a challenge Batman, you hit it out of the park!

    I hope you know I have to front page and feature your work.

    You are my first guest blogger.

    It is great, great stuff.


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