17 June 2009

Three Brief Encounters

I walked from the motel to a nearby convenience store this morning to buy some yogurt and fruit for breakfast. I couldn't find yogurt and asked Clerk A where it was. Her answer: Honey, we don' t get much call for yogurt around here.

Okay, I looked for apples or bananas. I couldn't find any, so I asked Clerk B where they were. Her response: We don't really sell much fruit around here. Most of the men who come in here for breakfast buy coffee and a burrito.

Later, I asked the motel clerk if she knew the weather forecast for the day. Her response: Like this, only different.


  1. Oh man, I was hoping you'd take a side trip to Devil's Tower, somewhere around Gillette IIRC.

    As you move further west today you will start seeing reminders that you are following the old Oregon Trail before you veer north at some point. Lurve how you bring us back in time as you hurtle forward in time!

  2. Please, please Michael, at least stop near the old Anaconda mining pit near Butte and say a prayer for ol' Evel Knievel!


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