19 June 2009


We are starting to meet more and more long distance riders as we get closer to Alaska.

We met four today at one gas station alone.

The guy in the photo and his father are riding from Maryland to Alaska and back on a pair of Harleys, each with more than 100,000 miles on the dometer. This is Dad's fifth ride to Alaska, Son's first. Son could take the month off because he used to be a homebuilder. We got along well.

The third guy we met was from Seattle. He saw our license plate and stopped to chat because his grandfather owns a business in Milwaukee. He's riding the Lewis and Clark trail from west to east for five days, then a different route back to Seattle.

The fourth guy lives in Kamloops, British Columbia, and is riding secondary mountain roads to northern Arizona and back bucause he doesn't like highways.

When you meet riders, no one cares where you work, what you do, what kind of bike you ride, or anything else. The only that matters is that you are a rider.

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  1. Enjoy hearing about other riders and their travel stories too.


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