25 June 2009

Quick Draw McDraw

We saw three moose, ten mountain goats, five deer, two sheep, one caribou and hundreds of Japanese tourists in Jasper National Park yesterday. The tourists we aboard huge motor coaches and each coach had a tour guide, a videographer and a driver.

We wheeled into a rest stop for a tank of gas and bottle of water, and while we were stretching our legs, a motor coach filled with elderly Japanese tourists pulled in. The videographer scrambled out the door, then the driver, then the tour guide, and the the passengers, making a bee line for the restrooms.

After relieving themselves, the tourists wandered around buying things and snapping photos.

The bus driver was leaning against his bus smoking. He was dressed like a western bad-ass wannabe, jeans, shirt, leather vest, sunglasses, beard, shaved scalp and black cowboy hat.

An eldery male Japenese tourist sticks both hands in his pockets and starts walking toward the driver, bowlegged and swaggering like a cowboy walking down a dusty main street in an old movie.

He gets right up to the driver, pulls his finger pistols out of his pockets and points them at the driver's chest. Then he says in heavily accented English "Bang! Bang! Quick Draw McDraw!"

I'm standing maybe fifty feet away and start laughing. The elderly gent turns toward me, blows the smoke out of tie barrels of his finger pistols and executes a perfect bow.



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