25 June 2009

Jasper National Park

We arrived in Grande Prairie, Alberta, around 10:00 last night. It was still daylight; we are now far enough north that the sun doesn't set during summer months.

Part of yesterday's ride was on Glacial Parkway through Jasper National Park. I had read that Glacial Parkway was on of the five most beautiful rides in North America. It is. Whatever you do, tour Jasper National Park at some point in your life. If it's too far to drive, fly to Calgary or Jasper and rent a car, but go there.

My iPhone camera takes poor quality photos of glaciers and mountains, so I haven't posted any. Google Jasper National Park and look at the images. They should be incredible. There are glaciers in the park. They are huge, powerful and dwarf the people who walk on them.

About the photo - I am attracted to crazy people who do crazy things. The car is an unrestored early 1970s Mini Cooper. It had Florida license plates, was pulling a trailer, and was coming back from Alaska. The owner was touring North America at 50 mph. I owned an MG 1100 when I was a college sophomore; same car as the Mini but with a different body. It was a rolling breakdown, like all Brit cars at the time. I don't know what the guy was hauling in his trailer, but I'd bet that there's a couple of spare engines and a complete wiring harness in there.

Okay, here's your question for the day: What do Gilette, Wyoming and Grande Prairie, Alberta have in common that you wish your town also had?

More later - it's time to saddle up and head down the road.

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  1. Oil shale, baby. I guess the answer could be cable radio. When my baby Brother lived in Gillette in '78, it was just getting cable radio from Denver.

    Or really old American cars for commuting to those prairie drill sites. Lots of dust and mud, too.

    Check out 'The Roughest Neck Around' by the Cord Lund Band to hear what the locals are diggin on. Roll better with the video from corblundvids.

    He's got his mud weighed right. That's what I'm talking about.


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