08 June 2009

Comfort Food

It's always been a really good hamburger for me. Not necessarily large, but made with great stuff, and properly cooked.

My favorite burger place uses Angus beef, never frozen, seasoned only with salt and black pepper, and grilled over hardwood charcoal. It's nestled into a toasted, chewy, thin bakery roll. There is more burger than roll.

I like mine topped with red onions and dill pickles; sometimes with jalapenos and American cheese. Never, ever mayo, and I'm and anti-ketchite, so brown mustard only need apply.

My comfort with burgers dates to childhood, when my grandfather, an ardent griller, taught me how to properly grill. Use the right kind of charcoal, newspaper to get the fire going (never lighter fluid - it leaves a bad taste), adjust the airflow to nurture the fire, and wait until the coals were covered with white ash before cooking anything. Turn the burgers carefully, never mash them down with a spatula.

I'm from Wisconsin and I like a grilled brat now and then. But hamburgers are my comfort food. What is yours?


  1. I just grilled burgers for a bunch of people in Florida.

    What I did is diced a vadaila onion and mixed that in the meat with salt and pepper and a dash of Worstshire sauce. Mix it thouroghly and top off with some sharpe cheddar and you have a great burger.

    Oh I love to use Kaiser rolls from the bakery.
    You don't need any condiments if you serve it hot off the grill.

  2. My favorite comfort food is a big greasy potato and egg sandwich on crusty seeded Italian bread.

    Just make some fresh cut french fries, but not Cottage fries as you want to take the skins off. When the fries are almost ready in a seperate bowl lightly mix about six eggs and pour it over the top. Turn it a couple of times. Sprinkle on a very liberal topping of Pecorino or Parmisan cheese and serve in a loaf of crispy seeded Italian bread that you scooped the insides out of. Salt and pepper and you are ready to go.


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