19 June 2009

Set Caution Phazers To Extreme, Mr. Scott!

There is one route that goes from where the morning began to where the afternoon will end. I scouted the beginning of the route last night. It looked okay.

A new sign was in place this morning.

I don't know he difference between regular ol' caution and extreme caution. But I'll turn my phazers up a few clicks, just in case.


  1. Looks like more heavy weather. Take care, it's not a slip'n'slide!

  2. If you already haven't chosen a route, I highly recomend RT 2 out of Spokane and then 174 when you hit Wilbur. You will get to see Grand Coulee Dam, lots of the apple-growing area and then North Cascades highway--by far the most scenic pass through the Cascades in Washington.

  3. It means there might be hostiles.


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