19 June 2009


It's five o'clock somewhere, but a bit earlier in Sandpoint.

The ride from Coeur d'Alene was indeed hazardous. Fresh, greasy blacktop moistened by rain. Imagine wearing Teflon socks and hopping over a lineoleum floor covered with baby oil and you'll get the general idea. We made it through and are now in Sandpiint, ID.

An extra day had been built into our schedule in case of bad weather, mechanical trouble, or other delay. We didn't use the extra day, so we'll stay in Sandpoint through Monday.

It's cloudy here, reducing the view of the mountains that surround most of the city. We'llgo exploring tomorrow and blog about what we see. We took a walk downtown and found a very good brewpub. Tried one of everything they brew. All good stuff.

A big surprise was how few people are here on a Friday might. It's very quiet, and there are many closed and empty storefronts. The recession has hit Sandpoint.


  1. I don't get why the ale is paler than the pale ale.

  2. Hoist an extra one for me buddy.

  3. Enjoying your blogs. Thanks for taking the time to post your daily travels.

  4. Nice relaxing way to end a day's ride! Be safe!

  5. oops! zlaltd is me - Paula Lippert


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