14 June 2009

And away we go!

Here's a photo of the GPS on my motorcycle. The mile counter (upper right) reads 000000.0 at the start of the trip. Correctly guess the total mileage logged during the trip and you'll win a lovely Wassila, AK tee shirt!

Place your bets now and you could be the lucky winner!


  1. 6,499
    Looking forward to your posts from the road. Safe travels to and yours.

    Hey, it might be fun to post the names of some of your stops along the way, so that we can start guessing your route.

  2. 6,666.

    Have a safe trip. Look out for Bronson. I think he came that way. So to speak.

  3. Wait, are you driving from...where to where?

  4. If you're using 'The Price is Right' rules, then I choose 1.

  5. Ah...if Ruth Anne is right about "Price is Right" rules, I'll take...2

  6. The pressure is on. I may need to go with 3.


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